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Mc Kresha - Yes Sir  (Feat. Lyrical Son)

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Lyrical Son

Këngë e albumit:

"Patikat E Mija"

5 star im that proof
sa her hi nboof
pluma sa tdush depertojn edhe nbulletproof
me menu u duft
para se me hi nluft
kena 9 milimiter
tuten seni nbase boof
uff motherfucker them boys is back
hardcore motherfucker prej gojes qe crack
jeni soft motherfucker prej lojes dilni kejt
ikni shpejt pidha mos shtroni hejt
njerzt in my section jon tprekshem
i nxjerin gjujn shpejt
called reaction
pap pap stop testin testin
a jeni pak per affirmative action
microphone assasin
mafia fashion
la familia
smokin sensebilia
ket sen e kena for real ya
whats the deal ya
ama hekrin do ti killi ya
e kena pernime
sot so 1 prilli ya
kena kuaj fuqi si me pas kusheri grant hillin ya
ti po don mu qi qiju me ma tmirin ya
beef me cilindo meri thiri biri yo

im a big boy(yes sir)
lock and load(yes sir)
aim good right there(yes sir)
leave em dead(yes sir)

Lyrical Son:
my state of mind is proceed dont quit tho
game is mine u lames aint shit naah
hard to find u can see me in the hood
smokin that green lightin that Cush
what to at bush, you all these gangsters,
how to your bush ,and watch real gangstaz
who got got ya black you smaishon ayy
pa pa paa go with your cash,
what you dont like that? (no)
one the last jack, what you talkin' laugh,
were your guns at',
shoot if you gat balls to prove it, ist shouda,
real deal in your been ill to it,
we expose those who fake shows,
who sexpose like hous with no close,
no arested on me , i got a RSP that make these,
matherfuckers, belive if they tested me, fuck a securitt C,
i've invested on me befofre and now fourty four magnum at the raishen tt, be like always man, like all my boys man, thats me gristzz man ,these all're my boyzz man, you cant fuck with a lyrical regga man, appnormal, sick , individual albanian
yess I is, the abbsoulute king of the ring in this rap showbizz

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