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Don Phenom - Pablo

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I got killers
bucking 4-5’s
lounging by the deli
What the f**k you gon tell me
when them bullets hit yo belly
I’m posted all across the Bronx
in spots you bi**hes wishing
To be chilling were we glissning
keep it distant
if you listening
I got goons across the map, that just wait for my permission
If I tell em get em
hit em
they done did em
Aint one living
They gun spittin
8 slugs in em
beef with phenom, don’t f**k with him
Cuz I send my goons to kill him
to his crib, hit up his building
When I set it
they beheaded
hey pathetic
Beef aint deaded
Till you filled with led and redded
Call they a beef a minor headache
they will only kinda get it
When they sleepin where the fishes swim
While I’m visit-in
my shqipes up in Michigan
Getting calls from my shipes out in Switzerland
Im known worldwide, ya wanted Phe then homie this is him
In the hood still chill, with two pistols in
And I still find time to get my busyness in

Call me Pablo! Would of robbed Noriega
He can never walk the streets on north Albania
Rob your favorite mob gangster
shoot him up, break his face this is real anger

Yo I’ll flush your fuken bricks
down the toilet
Put your favorite hustler under unemployment
Its Phenom motherf**ker, I call that enjoyment
And once I f**k her, she wont ever touch her boyfriend
New York City don
f**k Nicky Barnes
kill them mini pawns
rob they milli-onz
Real Al-bo
40 cal Blow
if you let you mouth go
Rob who you get it from
then I force the toaster
Cuz the immigrants I know, each one’s a posted vulture
And they exposed a culture
gun wars with Loaded toasters
To put words in closure
Albanian made men and mafia soljas
When their heat blows, the finger is from East coast Europa
So YOU tell me, what that tell you about this roller coaster
But many rats living
stacked millions
packs slinging
but when narcs started pressure, they all started singing/

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