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Samanta - All I Need  (Feat. Erion)

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Mesatarja:  4.8 / Votuan:  104

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Sammanta :
your live soo lays two one a sindeys
two onw a mondeys ohohohohhh you have
soo five to got my since you to got my
son shine amazing: ohhohohohhh that's
going a got a show

all i need to nine my babbe
to one louser so round so falling
you one player yeahhh to gamee a murder
ohh ohhh 2x.

ohhh it's nigt it's grat
to one a diamonds ahhh we walk
o dor two one o gote's you are
a baybe's amazing ohhhh that's
going a got a show

all i need it's tonigjt my babyeee
to one louser sow round so so falling
ehhh you one please yeahh to game
a murder ohhh ohhhh

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