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Tema: Poezi Dashurie

Walk Me

Towards the life satisfaction
to taste the majesty of the waterfalls,
melting of the arctic polar
love and lust’s steadfast
intertwined in its grace.

Promise me
to meet the port of arrays,
lover of poetic the verses of ICON,
clouds filled with angels
shadows of our ancestors.

Lead me
to the mountains of eagles,
far from human’s eye
in the magic of view
able to see heavenly queen.

Associate me
in the city hidden under the sea,
watch underwater wonders
the rich idyllic world
described by poets and lovers
dreamers of beauty.

Take me back
to savor childish smile,
the saintly games
innocent eyes and sincere smile
infant’s warm hand.

Show me about
hidden love Channels
source of passion
padlock bridge at alley of love.

Help me
to offer helping hand,
step in an unexplored landscapes
ascend the aquatic world stars
fondle the infinite universe.

As far from
backwards, satisfaction, jelaousy
distorted immoral desires,
daily fraudulent, offices cheaters
far from the darkness of ghosts...

- poezi nga Tyran Prizren Spahiu

- Poezia u dërgua nga Tyran Prizren Spahiu -

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